Northern Sabbatical Productions. 

Three Nights to Forever.

A Misfit Comedy by Linda Wood Edwards.


 A misfit comedy in which two travellers become enmeshed in a small-town when a blizzard closes all paths in and out. Death, secrets, craft beer,
a bonspiel, and intermittent internet loom large. When the roads finally re-open, what will have changed for each of them?


I’ve long been intrigued by the Island of Misfit Toys from the TV’s “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” (1964: Romeo Muller; Dir. Larry Roemer; Rankin/Bass). Yes, the toys are different, but what’s really wrong with them? A train with square wheels might seem obvious, but you have to dig to learn Dolly’s on the Island because she’s depressed; Charlie just has an unusual name for his job. It makes me wonder whether inclusion in the mainstream by well-meaning outsiders is the right answer for the Toys, or whether they’re better off (more whole) on their Island. While experts argue each side, I drift between extremes. Fast forward to 2013 when I was feeling more like Dolly than myself. My generous friend Liz lent me her wee cabin in the magical Blaeberry outside Golden BC, kicking off a transformative and inspirational adventure. When I finally descended from the bench to visit the townsite, I was drawn to a dark bar with no visible name/hours and an array of kind, funny, quirky people. I exhaled. And it felt amazing. While the regulars might not welcome the Toy comparison, I make it with affection and appreciation. The place remains important to me, so my adventure continues. Rudolph can keep the mainstream: I’m more comfortable with the Misfit Toys whose stories are much more like my own.

Bios for Fringe 2019.

Linda Wood Edwards.

Linda has been producing her plays since 2005: The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921 (co-written w/David Cheoros 2018), Trail and Error (2016), Spring Alibi (Adelaide AU 2015; 2005, 2014; Washington DC 2006; Yukon 2007; Sask. 2012); Never Let the Crew See You Cry (2013+tour), Four in the Crib (2012, 2013, High River 2018), True Grid (2007, 2010), Support Ho’s (2009), Beans & Rice (2006, Sask. 2017), Gibberish v. Genius (Canmore, YEG 2018), and Almost the Pioneer Brewing Company (Canmore, YEG, Fort McMurray 2018). Linda’s plays have garnered sweet accolades including two Sterling nominations. Linda is delighted to again work with David and to be around such a fine, fun troupe of actors.

Francie Goodwin-Davies.

Francie’s diverse performance history includes Killing Captain SlapDash (Best Actor, Stage Struck); Cut (Best Actor, Stage Struck); Song of the Martingale and Valentines Train (Stardust Players); Blithe Spirit, Wyrd Sisters, Rabbit Hole, and Death Trap (Walterdale); Pieces (Fringe, Finally Sauces); Three Viewings, Oliver, and Fiddler on the Roof (Festival Place Players); Full Monty (TWOTTB). She can’t think of a better way to spend time than with this group of misfits and she hopes you find your Three Nights to Forever.

James Hamilton.

James is an award-winning actor/writer based in Edmonton. Last Fringe he was seen in The Zoo Story (Bedlam Theatre Concern) and WASP (Le Fixe Theatre). James is also appearing in Gerald Osborn’s Gossamer Feast this Fringe. This is James 19th Fringe program bio he has written.

Janelle Jorde.

Janelle is so excited to be a part of this wonderful play! Janelle has been acting since she was 6 years old, recently graduated from the MacEwan University Theatre Arts Program, and is a passionate dance teacher when she is not acting. Recent credits include Clean Cut, Kingfisher Days, and Watermelon Girls (NextGen), Wellspring (Frente Theatre). Catch her again this Fringe in Check Me Out, playing at Holy Trinity Anglican Church. Enjoy the show!

Andy Northrup.

Andy feels lucky to count Three Nights to Forever as the fourth Linda Wood Edwards play in which he has originated a role. The others are Spring Alibi (multiple productions), True Grid (multiple productions), and Support Ho’s. Other fave roles include Tom in A Poster of the Cosmos (Sterling award for performance) and various roles in Witch Hunt at the Strand, Pentecost, The Hesitation Pitch by David Belke, and Killing Captain SlapDash by Gerald Osborn. Watch for Andy this fall in Holy Trinity Anglican Church’s production of Who Goes There.

Kevin Tokarsky.

Kevin has been involved in the theatre and entertainment industry for over 30 years. He has spent time as an actor, director, cartoon scriptwriter, voice artist, and set builder. He is currently the head of the Drama Department at Memorial Composite High School in Stony Plain. Kevin directed Linda’s highly successful Spring Alibi for its 2015 run at the Adelaide Fringe in Australia. He also directed Linda’s Beans and Rice for a One-Act festival and played the role of Coach in two runs of Linda’s True Grid. Kevin says thanks to Sue for being Sue.

David Cheoros.

David has directed over 50 plays and is thrilled to be working with Linda on a 10th play and to be drawn into the world of bars seedy and otherwise. David also does plays about Alberta history through Maa & Paa Theatre, makes weird short films, and runs arts organizations. He is a proud father of two and is the executive director of Metro Cinema.