Northern Sabbatical Productions. 

Support Ho’s.

A Comedy by Linda Wood Edwards.



What happens when those closest to you, those who’ve seen the highs and the lows with you, those who can get away with telling you exactly how it is, suddenly have other priorities? Change, of course (and it isn’t always pretty). Three women, laden with and buoyed by their life experiences, deal with the loss of their touchstone pal and the stability of their tried and true foursome. Fortunately, the waiter who has delivered their “usual” breakfast every week for the last 12 years has some surprises and sage advice to serve up along with the best coffee in the city. Join the fun as hanging in, hanging on, and holding it in take on a whole new reality for these friends. Feel the lift and confidence that only a decent set of Support Ho’s can provide.


For years, Linda and her three “Twisted Sisters” met for Friday breakfast at the famous Sidetrack Cafe alongside most of Edmonton’s who’s who. The same breakfast, the same server, the same customers week after week for years. Then we find out the Sidetrack – also the best live music venue in town – is scheduled to be torn down to make way for condo development. Not only that, one “Sister” moved out of town. The challenge we experienced, along with the other “regulars” was deep and heartfelt. It seemed important to tell the story.

The Buzz.

“Linda Wood Edwards is a very funny writer, of the species Nora Ephron, with a sharp ear for the way real people talk.” – Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal

“What gives this comedy a certain luster, and sets it apart, is, first, the quality of intricate texture of Wood Edwards’ comic writing.” – Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal

“Wood Edwards is an inventive writer who has given us an hour that zips along with wit.” -Colin McLean, Edmonton Sun

“The cast is outstanding and the writing delicious. An hour of pure entertainment.” – Judy Unwin, Global TV


Fringe 2009.

Showed at: Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
Date: August 13 – 23, 2009
Directed by: Eileen Sproule
Starred: Linda Grass as “Nancy”; Tanya Lawrence as “Opal”; Andy Northrup as “Lewis”; Rebecca Starr as “Paula”